“Home Fries”: Country-fied Fiction for Teens

Sometimes when the world is just too hard to take we all need a little comfort food–you know, mom or grandma’s down-home fried chicken or oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins. It makes us feel all warm and cozy inside and able to face another day of high school hell. The books listed below are the equivalent of that feel-good food. They go down nice and easy and most are set somewhere in the laid-back South. These are books to take to bed with you when you’re feeling blue. Not to say that these books all have happy endings. Mostly, they’re like country songs–your problems can’t possibly be worse than the person’s problems in the song. And look at it this way–they’re a nice little break from all those fast-paced, drug-drenched, urban-sprawl books you’ve been reading lately. So grab some milk and cookies and go curl up under your quilt with one of these warm-n-cozy reads.