Inquiring Minds Want to Know!: Unusual Biographies/Memoirs for Teens

So, you gotta pick a “famous person” to write about for a book report. Who’s it gonna be? Don’t even tell me Martin Luther King or Helen Keller. Booorrriiinnng. Listen, your teacher has been there, done that about a million times. Most high school teachers have MEMORIZED the lives of the presidents and civil rights leaders forward and backward by now. Give yourself and your teacher a shot in the arm by picking someone off the beaten path of history. The titles below are not just good for book reports, they’re also just really fun to read. I’m a dedicated fiction-aholic, and biography is one of the few areas in the ocean of non-fiction into which I am willing to dip my big toe. The great thing about biography is that not only are you reading a fantastic story, but it is ALL TRUE!! In the hands of a good writer, some biographies are better and stranger than fiction. So kick back, relax, and find out what inquiring minds want to know…trust me, it’s better than a tabloid.

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