Short Cuts: Teen Short Story Collections You Might Actually Want to Read

When I was wallowing in the teen years, I wasn’t too keen on short story collections. Too much interrupted reading–just as I got into a story and really got to know the main characters, it ended. There was one exception–an AWESOME collection of short horror fiction edited by Issac Asimov called Young Monsters. It was all about teen monsters and a lot of their “monstrosities” could easily be synonyms for the absolute horror of being an ugly adolescent. It’s long out of print now, so I’m not going to include it below, but it really captured my imagination. In fact, I recently found an old copy on my public library shelves and re-read it, and it was just as great as I remembered. This inspired me to go back through my list of recent reads, and I actually found a lot of short fiction collections that are pretty damn good. So here they are–if you generally find that short stories suck, try these. In my opinion, they are collections that You Might Actually Want to Read!