Stoned: Druggie fiction for the Teenaged Masses

There’s no doubt about it, drugs are bad. In fact, they kill just as surely as handguns and drunk drivers. You never hear a happy ending when it comes to drugs. Sure, everyone’s in love when they’re high, but then it just turns into an ugly monkey on your back that just gets bigger and bigger. However, there’s a lot of drama surrounding drug use–the intoxication of the drug experience, the pain drugs cause the user and their family, and the secrecy and lies it takes to get a hold of drugs in the first place. That’s why a lot of authors throw drugs into their plots–it can really heighten the action. Just don’t expect anyone to live happily ever after. Because even if a person can kick the habit, it still leaves a scar. So, read and learn from the selections here and remember, JUST SAY NO!