Teen Tearjerkers: Stories to make you sniff

Every now and again, we all need a good cry. When that feeling hits me, I usually take out my all-time favorite weeper, Old Yeller (you know, the one where the heroic dog dies). Never fails, I’m sobbing by the last page. Why do we like books that make us cry? I don’t like people who make me cry–why books? Maybe because between the pages, it’s a safe place to be sad. Crying over a character in some ways prepares us for the crying that we may be doing over real people, places or animals some day. Or maybe it’s because we’re feeling sad about something else, and the book just gives us an excuse to wail about it. Whatever your reason for liking tearjerkers (and I’m sure there are many more than what I noted here) go ahead and sit yourself down with a big box of Kleenex, work your way through the weepies listed below, and try not to get the pages too wet!

Weepie Key:
4 weepies (you’ll be too depressed to go to leave the house after reading)
3 weepies (you may need more than one box of Kleenex)
2 weepies (there’s light at the end of the tunnel)
1 weepie (some sad parts, but ultimately a hopeful ending. But you’ll cry getting there)