The Silver Pentacle: Wicca, Witches and Witchcraft in Teen Fiction

Have you noticed there’s a witch craze sweeping (no pun intended) the nation? Ever since Neve Campbell strutted her stuff in The Craft and Buffy teamed up with Willow, I haven’t been able to keep up with all the Wicca and Witchcraft books and materials that are flooding the market for teens. I’ll admit, I’m fascinated by the stuff, too. So when Silver Ravenwolf’s Teen Witch came out I, like a lot of you, bought a copy and read it cover to cover. It was fun to read and quite an eye-opener as well. For instance, did you know that Wicca is a nature-based religion that has about as much in common with Satanism as ice cream has with sauerkraut? And that the image of the stereotypical hideous witch with a wart on her nose casting evil spells on people is completely insulting to a practicing Wiccan? For you non-fiction fans, I wholeheartedly recommend Teen Witch if you want to learn more about Wicca and the practice of the Craft. But for those of you who would rather read just a good spell-caster of a story, here’s a Wicca-fully wonderful list of charmers, disarmers, and readers-of-palmers. (With nary a hooked nose or wart among them!)!