Word UP! Poetry both by and for teenagers

The number one most requested list Andrew and I get here at Reading Rants Central is: “Could you make a poetry list, PLEASE?” The main reason I put off writing this list is because it’s very difficult to try and describe a book of poetry to someone who hasn’t read it. So for each of these books, I’m including a sample poem, or an excerpt of a poem. I’m fairly certain that I’m not violating any copyright laws in doing so (after all, I am a librarian, and I did a little research on it) but if you happen to be reading this and you happen to be one of the poets quoted or an editor of one of these books and think that I AM violating your copyright, please contact me ASAP and we will remove the offending passage. Cool? Alright, already! Here it is–my fav. poetry picks for the adolescent angst crew. Now, give me some peace, peeps!