Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia


Three very different girls + three contrasting points of view = one compelling day-in-the-life novel. Leticia is the kind of girl who doesn’t mind doing just enough work to get by and wants nothing more than to keep her “silk-wrapped, hand-painted, custom-designed, three-quarter-inch, square-cut nails with the sparkling faux diamonds” intact. Dominique is a serious, hard-driving basketball player who maintains her grades only to avoid being benched. Trina is a gifted painter and a fashionista who may shake her booty at the boys passing by but has big plans when it comes to pursuing her artistic dreams. One morning at school, Trina accidentally brushes too close to Dominique, who’s just found out she’s been benched due to a low grade in Mr. Hershheiser’s class. Wild with misdirected rage, Dominique swears to her girls that she will beat the unsuspecting Trina to a bloody pulp after school, even as Trina, who barely knows Dominique and has no idea what she’s done, sashays innocently on down the hall. Gossip girl Leticia views the whole thing from a safe corner and can’t wait to spread the word to everyone (except Trina) about the girl fight that’s gonna go down at 2:45 today. Tensions build as the school day progresses. Will Leticia tell Trina and risk being branded a snitch? Will Dominique cool down before the after school showdown? Will Trina catch wind of the fight and high tail it her Juicy pink booty out of there? Only time will tell and the minutes are ticking away…this slim novella packs more lyrical language and edge-of-your-seat suspense in its 170 pages than most books do in twice that page count. RW-G is a poet of the real, and she manages to be both wonderfully expressive and deeply street smart using an economy of words. I particularly dug Leticia’s sarcastic analysis of A Separate Peace: “I see how it all relates to my life because every other day I’m up a tree pushing some loser to his eventual death, then breaking out into a soliloquy about it. Don’t you just love the classics?” A tiny, terrifically written tome whose outcome is both disturbing and disturbingly real.

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  1. bjneary says:

    I can’t wait to read this! The students in my school loved “Every Time a Rainbow Dies” by RW-G and this Urban fiction novel is just what my students want to get their hands on! Thanks for a great review, sorry it took me so long to read it, very busy, but glad I didn’t miss this one!

  2. kylee says:

    i was doing a school report and just had to choose a book because i was behind and this book came up and im glad i picked it… best book ever!! ha

  3. bayyea+kyky=sisters=) says:

    cooooollll dude!!!!

  4. Shorty says:

    Reading da book so far and it’s good.

  5. Cutie says:

    Did NOT like this book, the characters weren’t well characterized and I couldn’t relate. It took a long time to get into and in my opinion, very boring.

  6. DALLAS says:

    Very boring book. 160 pages of describing characters, 8 pages of story line.

  7. name(noel) says:

    My opinoin of the book is that to me it was confusing and i did not like it that much to me it was 170 pages of confusing boring words

  8. bob says:

    okay book

  9. Hubbs says:

    who are the protaganist and antagonist, and why?

  10. john says:

    hated the book didnt understand it at all. i was lost when i started the first pg

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