Ghostlight by Kenneth Oppel

High school history nerd Gabe’s summer job leading the Island Ghost Tour at Island Amusements in Toronto has been pretty boring so far. Long hours in the sun entertaining tourists? Check. Bratty kids who interrupt his stories? Check. But when real ghost Rebecca Strand materializes and tells him she is the murdered daughter of a lighthouse keeper who was also killed by a vengeful ghost named Viker who’s planning nothing less than world domination, his summer takes a sharp left turn into the supernatural! After Gabe and his band of corporeal friends sign on to help Rebecca, they are quickly thrown into a paranormal adventure of the creepiest order, including grave robbing, seance stealing and ghost blasting. But the bloodthirsty Nicholas Viker, who fortifies his strength by consuming other ghosts, keeps foiling their best efforts and won’t rest until he’s swallowed Rebecca whole and drained the life out of Gabe. Does this scrappy band of buddies stand a chance against one of the greatest evils the world has ever seen? This rollicking occult thriller is chock full of the humor, the black arts, and fascinating facts from Canadian history, with a little romance tossed in just for fun. Nicholas Viker is the scariest ghost since Naughty John, and I couldn’t stop turning pages to see if he was successfully vanquished. Ignore the overly tween-y cover and get this one ASAP from your local bookstore, e-reader or library.