The Who, What, When, Where and Why

What it is for teens:

A group of booklists for teens out there who need a good book, but aren’t sure what to read next.

What it is for grown-ups:

A website featuring out of the ordinary booklists for teens, written by Jennifer Hubert (that’s me!) and designed by Andrew Mutch that has been an online presence since 1998. In May 2007, Andrew transformed the original website into a blog, where teens can respond to reviews and add their own thoughts. Reading Rants also exists as a book for adult professionals who work with teens. Visit Amazon to order a copy.

What it ain’t and never will be:

A source for adults who work with teens where they can find complete book ordering information or age level book recommendations. I believe that teens can and should read anything that they want to or feel that they are ready for, and I don’t want to influence that intuition by recommending books by age level. I know parents, teachers and librarians read this site and enjoy it and I am SO grateful that they do and that they pass it along to their teens, but this site is FOR TEENS. It is written TO TEENS. So adult readers, please don’t ask me for age-level lists. Teen readers, you can ask me anything you want, except…(see below).

A book report service for teens who haven’t read the book by the night before the report is due and think that I will dash off a quick summary for them. Please don’t ask me.

Where do you get your suggestions?

These suggestions are just books that I love, both as a librarian and a teen — because I read some of these books when I was a teen! I would also like to take suggestions for books and book list ideas from teens who read this blog. You can leave your suggestions and opinions through the comments section anywhere on the site.

*Please note that I do not review self published works in either paper or electronic form. I am a member of Netgalley, and am open to review requests of  e-books from that site.*

Why are you posting these lists?

Because I love working with teenagers and I love it when they find a book that speaks to them.

Because I love being the person responsible for giving a teen a book that speaks to them.

Because I LOVE Young Adult literature, and I LOVE being a librarian. (I know, it’s kind of geeky, but I don’t even care, I LOVE it!)

Because I think the level of teen literature has not only risen to rival literature that is written for adults, but has, in many cases, surpassed it in quality and scope.

Because some of my most favorite authors, like Emily Frank, Libba Bray, Adam Rapp, Jason Reynolds, Laurie Halse Anderson, David Levithan, Blake Nelson, Sharon G. Flake, Rita Williams-Garcia and Julie Berry use their amazing talent to write for a teen audience, and wouldn’t I hate like heck to miss one single word of their amazing stuff?

A Final Note to my Readers — Not all of these titles will necessarily be found in the Young Adult or Teen section of your local library or bookstore. That’s okay, as a teen, you know what adult books you like. You’re not just limited to the Teen section. Browse around! Help your parents figure out what to read next.

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