Bones and All by Camille DeAngelis

Maren just turned sixteen when her mother suddenly abandons her. Scared and alone, she hitchhikes around the Midwest searching for a place to call home while hiding a deep, dark secret. When she meets Lee in a Walmart parking lot, she is instantly relieved, because it is clear that they are cut from the same bloody cloth. They begin watching out for each other and hiding their secret from the world while becoming closer and closer. But can they live off love alone? Especially when their hunger is insatiable? It’s hard to not be coy about this book, but if you are at all intrigued by what you’ve read so far, never fear: Maren’s secret is revealed on the first page (hint: they are NOT vampires). While there were just a few too many convenient coincidences in the plot, the romantic vibes ares strong (especially with that smoking Timothée Chalamet movie poster cover). This on-the-road love story felt like a mash-up of Let the Right One In and American Honey, and even though I am comparing it to films, was a book before it was this so dark and decadent-looking movie. I’ll leave it up to you which one you want to dish up first!