Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden

Annie on my Mind
Liza’s first love was Annie. But it ended all too soon. Now away at college, safe from the harsh critics and gossiping tongues that tore them apart, Liza looks back on her first romance. She and Annie were so naive that they didn’t even know what to call their relationship. Were they…lesbians? What did that word mean, exactly? And how could you label something so wonderfully right with a name they had learned was shameful? With dreamy prose, Garden sensitively chronicles the first awakenings of sexual awareness and identity between two young women. A beautiful love story that, gay or straight, you will hold in your heart long after the last page is turned.

5 thoughts on “Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden

  1. I loved Annie on my Mind, even though it was a bit slow at the begining. The best teen LGBT book I have read (other than this) is Keeping you a Secret by Julie Anne Peters (can’t remember if the anne has an e at the end or not), about a girl coming to terms with her sexual identity, and telling her family and friends. Also, Luna, by the same author, is a fantastic story about a girl whose brither is transexual.

  2. I read this; it really makes you care about the characters. It wasn’t my favorite, but I was really surprised at how sucked in I was to the story.

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