Behind the Mask: The Life of Queen Elizabeth I by Jane Resh Thomas

Yeah, you’ve seen her on the big screen, but the Oscar-nominated movie “Elizabeth” only told part of a much larger story (And Cate Blanchett was robbed, robbed I tell you!) For example, did you know that one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite past-times was watching bear-baiting? Or that it was considered the highest honor to meet with the Queen in her bathroom? You’ll learn all these weird little facts and more in this comprehensive, yet not overly long biography by Thomas. Elizabeth beat every odd by ruling during a time when men believed that women’s brains were small and feeble. Her wit, charm and shrewdness helped make England into a world power. And she did it totally alone because she could never trust anyone completely. She was surrounded on all sides by hypocritical couriers, foreign spies and warring religious factions that that would have had her off her throne in a minute if they had dared to challenge her. But they didn’t. Because she was one cool chick who never lost her head, either literally (like her mother Anne Boelyn) or figuratively. Read about Elizabeth and discover the real roots behind Girl Power.

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  1. YES! This is a biography written specifically for teenagers and young adults. Show it to your teacher, but in my school, it would definitely count! Good luck!

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