Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys by Francesca Lia Block

Cherokee Bat
Cherokee sings and plays the tambourine. Witch Baby is on the drums. Raphael is lead guitar and Angel Juan keeps time on the bass. Together, they are the Goat Guys, and their band is just as mystical and magical as you would expect any creation of Francesca Lia Block’s to be. The trouble starts when Raphael gets serious stage fright and can’t keep it together for their first public performance. So, Cherokee goes to Coyote and gets a pair of magic goat pants that makes Raphael’s stage fright disappear. But with his new found confidence, Raphael starts buggin’ out on a power trip and even though the band is doing great, Cherokee is worried that they may start destroying themselves from within. Can she get Coyote to take back the power before it’s too late? A short and completely fantastical band book that pushes the bounds of reality.

One thought on “Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys by Francesca Lia Block

  1. Francesca Lia Block is an absolute genius! I love how all of these characters are so oddly out of it– and her other books like Weetzie Bat and Witch Baby are great reads, too!

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