Joy in the Morning by Betty Smith

Sappy title, great book. Yes, we’ve all heard of Betty Smith’s oft-assigned classic, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. But did you know she wrote many other fine novels, all with the same bittersweet tone as Tree? Joy is about the day to day struggles of a young married couple in the 1920’s, who manage to wring a little happiness out of life despite all their trials and tribulations. And boy, do they have some trials! Can you imagine trying to live on $5 a week in a two room apartment, going to law school and keeping your brand spanking new marriage from falling apart? That’s what Carl and Annie are up against, but they are determined to make it, no matter what. Smith knows her characters well, and by the end of this story, you’ll swear you know someone just like Carl or Annie, too.

2 thoughts on “Joy in the Morning by Betty Smith

  1. I loved this book. How can you not? Of course nothing compares to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. (My Favorite book of all time). This book was still good. It was so real it almost seemed like an biography rather than a novel.

  2. I read this book in high school 30 some years ago. Quite impactful. I also love A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, but Joy in the Morning presented to me thoughts about my future I had not imagined before.

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