Living at the Edge of the World by Tina S. and Jamie Pastor Bolnick

Living at the Edge of the World Life isn’t going too well for Tina S. Her family is living in a welfare hotel, and her mother’s new boyfriend is always giving her the evil eye. So when she meets the beautiful, doomed, drug-addicted April, it’s easy for her to shrug off her old life and join April and the other homeless teens who make Grand Central subway station in NYC their hang-out. Tina adores April, and wants to copy her every move, including April’s addiction to crack cocaine and scamming commuters for money. Soon, Tina can’t remember much of her life before the subway tunnels and crack dealers. Slowly, one painful step at a time, Tina fights her way back from jail, drugs and homelessness to becoming the kind of quality person she knows she is inside. A gritty, four-hanky read.

2 thoughts on “Living at the Edge of the World by Tina S. and Jamie Pastor Bolnick

  1. This true story of Tina I feel is important for young people to read to understand the dangers of drugs and its life sucking abbilitys.

  2. this is a darn good book i never put it down. i cried on some parts they just got to me

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