The Orpheus Obsession by Dakota Lane

The Orpheus ObsessionAnooshka Stargirl may have an unusual name, but every day of her life is depressingly the same. Her cool older sister Moon recently moved to New York City, leaving Anooska to care for their manic depressive mom, who acts more like a child than a parent. When she wants to escape her mom’s suffocating hold, she hangs out with her best friends Raphael and Agnes or her beloved parakeet Zack, and dreams of escaping to New York like her sister. Then, one summer weekend while she is visiting Moon, they meet Orpheus, pretty boy alterna-rocker of the moment, equal parts Beck and Bright Eyes. Anooshka is smitten, and instantly becomes an Orpheus groupie, obsessively reading his blog, attending his concerts, and eventually ending up in his bed. But what is true love for Anooska may just be another notch in the bedpost for Orpheus. Or has the groupie with a heart of gold really softened the cynicism of this elusive rock star? Dakota Lane keeps you guessing about the nature of this Francesca Lia Block-flavored rock and roll relationship ’til the bitter end, and gives real insight into the intoxicating power of music and how it can play with our emotions.

2 thoughts on “The Orpheus Obsession by Dakota Lane

  1. Just wondering…is the music in the book real? Or did Miss. Lane just make it up? Because it sounds cool to me

  2. Pretty sure she just made it up–but she describes it so well it feels like it was a real rocker and real music!

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