Angels on the Roof by Martha Moore

Angels on the RoofShelby has been dragged around the country so many times by her single mom that she’s lost count of all the places they’ve lived. Now her art-lovin’ mama has gotten it in her had that she wants to visit her roots and get closer to Georgia O’Keefe country, so she’s announced to Shelby that they’re moving to Texas. But Shelby is sick of moving and and is just about to absolutely refuse to move more than her little finger when she starts to find some clues about her absentee father’s identity. Her mom won’t hardly talk about him, but once Shelby finds some evidence of his existence, mostly creepy old photos with his face cut out, she smells a story and figures it might be worth it to keep tagging along with her mom until she discovers the truth. Only, once Shelby knows the whole story, it may sever the fragile bond between her and her mother forever. a tangy, Texas-twangy read.

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