Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause

blood and chocolateVivian’s in love. But this is no normal teen crush. Because Vivian is sweet sixteen and never been anything but a werewolf and the object of her affection isn’t an accepted member of her pack but a normal human, or “meat-boy”. Poor Vivian misses Daddy, who was killed in a fire, causing her pack to hit the road. Now, in a new town, she thinks she may have found her soulmate in Aiden, a hunka hunka teen poet and all around Cu-Tee! But can werewolves and humans really overcome their differences? (It’s hard to love someone you want to eat) Fights, fangs and broken hearts will have you howling for more when you turn the last page of this fur-tastic novel. If you like this kind of “human-monster” type romance, check out Klause’s other supernatural thriller, The Silver Kiss.

3 thoughts on “Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause

  1. Oh wow, this is an oldie, too.
    To Jen: I really like your booklists. You have some good suggestions and then some books that I read so long ago that I’ve nearly forgotten them. Thanks for posting them all. I look forward to trying some of them.

  2. Hi Jlea,

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying Reading Rants. Please keep reading and posting, I really enjoy reading your thoughts!

  3. This is a really good (though strange) book…..umm…..I can’t remember much of it though…..It’s been awhile sinse I read it…..*runs off to re-read it*….

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