Bringing Up the Bones by Lara M. Zeises

Bringing Up the Bones The only thing Bridget Edelstein ever wanted, more than a better relationship with her prima donna mother or perfect skin or a car that always started on cold mornings, was to be her best friend Benji’s girlfriend. So when she finally attained her goal and tasted the pure nirvana that was Benji’s kiss, it was incredibly crushing when he broke up with her to go to college across the country, but even more so when she heard he had been killed instantly in a car accident. Overwhelmed with grief, Bridget takes a year off from college, papers the walls of her studio apartment with pictures of Benji, and only leaves to go to her job as a waitress at an incredibly depressing truck stop. Enter Jasper, a very cute guy who gets off on wooing damsels in distress. Bridget thinks she might love him, except that Benji’s ghost keeps getting in the way. But when evidence surfaces that makes Bridget aware that perhaps Benji wasn’t the amazing person she thought he was, she wonders if its time to sever all romantic ties and get to know and love Bridget, first.A fantastic introspective weepie by the winner of the Delacorte Press Prize for a First Young Adult Novel, this story is all about character development. So if you one of those readers who is all about plot, this may not be the weepie for you. (1 weepie)

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