Christine by Stephen King

christineYeah, yeah, you’ve seen The Shining and Children of the Corn half a dozen times at Halloween parties, and you know Stephen King supposed to be a really scary writer-dude. But what a lot of teens don’t realize is that what King writes are books about REAL people, people who are a lot like you and your friends. Then he just kind of adds a supernatural twist. Take Christine for instance. It’s just a book about a nerdy guy named Arnie who finds this great old car and decides to buy it and fix it up. How can he possibly predict that the old car that he affectionately calls Christine is POSSESSED BY AN EVIL SPIRIT THAT IS DETERMINED TO CRUSH OUT ALL THE POSITIVE THINGS IN ARNIE’S LIFE INCLUDING HIS CUTE GIRLFRIEND!!!! Whew! Not for the faint-hearted, this book packs a punch–between Christine’s playful antics(oh, just running over the bullies that make Arnie’s life hell) and the great characterization of teens, this is not a novel to be passed over like some used car on the lot! Take Christine for a test drive and I promise you’ll be hooked. This ain’t no Christopher Pike, baby!

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