Dead Connection by Charlie Price

Dead Connection Murray doesn’t see dead people, but he does talk to them. A loner and a self-described loser, Murray has no friends unless you count the friendly dead folks he chats with everyday after school in Forest Grove Cemetery. There’s sweet Blessed Daughter, killed by a brain tumor when she was eleven, and perky Dearly Beloved, who died in a car accident when she was a teenager. There’s also James, but he lost the lower half of his jaw in an explosion during WWI, so he doesn’t have much to say. But lately, Murray’s been hearing another voice, a frantic, insistent voice that begs and cries to be understood. Who is this new voice and why is she so upset? Pearl, the daughter of Forest Grove’s groundskeeper Mr. Janochek, is sick of seeing that weird kid whispering to the graves everyday. Who is this guy, and who does he think he’s talking to? Meanwhile, Deputy Gates is working hard to uncover any clue he can in the Nikki Parker missing person case. Popular cheerleader Nikki disappeared over a month ago and the police have no leads. These three people will all play an important part in this supernatural murder mystery that contains more twists, turns, trap doors and dead ends than the very best episode of CSI. What happened to Nikki Parker? Only Murray has the power to find out, if only he’s brave enough to try!

3 thoughts on “Dead Connection by Charlie Price

  1. This book i liked but i found boring. I didn’t understand it and there were alot of characters. Although it wasn’t perfect it still was an all around okay book. Just not MY favorite.

  2. Hi Jackie,

    From what I remember, this book has a bit of a slow start, and yes, there are A LOT of characters to keep track of! Glad you persevered and finished it in spite of your reservations!

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