Devilish by Maureen Johnson

Devilish Jane’s mousy best friend Ally makes a dangerous deal with beautiful and manipulative Lanalee, demon-in-training, in order to gain a little popularity and erase her Catholic high school’s memory of her unfortunate public projectile vomiting incident. But Jane isn’t about to let her best bud sell her eternal soul for some cool clothes and a few high quality hair extensions. When she challenges Lanalee (who she doesn’t believe is REALLY a demon) and offers her own soul in exchange for Ally’s, all hell (literally) breaks loose. How do you fight a cupcake-wielding she-devil? Why, with more sweets, of course, especially chocolate kisses! This sly, sarcastic supernatural story is both funnier and darker than Johnson’s other works, which are also all pretty great. If you like your chick-lit. flavored with a little smoke and brimstone, then Devilish will certainly light your fire!

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