Fables: legends in exile by Bill Willingham, illustrated by Lan Medina, Steve Leialoha, and Craig Hamilton

Fables: legends in exileRose Red is missing, possibly dead. But don’t worry, the Big Bad Wolf is on the case, assisted by deputy major of Fabletown, Snow White (acting in Old King Cole’s stead). The usual suspects include the wily Bluebeard, that rascal Jack the Giant Killer, and even Snow herself. After all, Snow White and Rose Red were not the closest of sisters after Red slept with Prince Charming, which caused their bitter divorce. Talk about a fractured fairy tale! Twisting the fairy tale archetype until it screams, Willingham gives us a wonderfully inventive, grown-up version of all our childhood favorites. Clever, clever, clever. (And special thanks to Robin Brenner, the fabulous webmistress of the groovy GN website No Flying No Tights for pointing this one out to me!)

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