Foxfire by Joyce Carol Oates

You probably thought gangs were just for guys. Well, you haven’t met Mad Maddy Wirtz and Legs Sadovsky. In this totally tuff novel, Maddy, Legs, and three other girls decide that they have had enough of the conservative 1950’s scene and form a girl-gang called Foxfire. They pledge to always uphold the sisterhood no matter what, in the face of male oppression. Only the men aren’t going down without a fight. One group has to lose and one group has to win, and Legs is determined that Foxfire will overcome the odds…or die trying. And if you saw the lame modern-day version of this story on the big screen, forget about it! (Even though it was one of Angelina Jolie’s first roles–she’s good, but the movie sucks!) The book is way better, so shelve the video and give this paperback a chance. You won’t regret a single boy-bashing minute of it!

4 thoughts on “Foxfire by Joyce Carol Oates

  1. Hm, I’ve seen the movie but did not know this was based upon a book. I can imagine that the book would be much better than the movie.

  2. I have seen the movie, it(she) seemed to me to be good enough, it(he,she) has a very sad end but I like me enough.
    On the book, I cannot say the same thing since I live in america Latin and not if this this available book here.
    Surely it is necessary to to be a book exelente, though the movie also I catch many persons who are not lovers of the reading, and I believe that mas that nothing was for the leading paper(role) of angelina jolie, that certainly has seemed to me more than brilliant.
    To obtain this book in Spanish, already be across Internet, it would be one of the things that this in my list of urgencies.
    There would be grateful any person who could give me some type of information about this book in Hispanic speech, since on having seen the movie I find out that it had been based on a novel, and I would like to have it.

    This one is my email address, from already thank you very much:)

  3. I have had to use a translator, wait be able to excuse the mistakes that stayed in my previous commentary!

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