Harley like a Person by Cat Bauer

How would you like it if everyone made a lame motorcycle joke every time your name was mentioned? Welcome to the world of Harley Columba. She just lost the one adult she could trust (grandma), she is desperately in love with bad boy Johnny Bruno, and convinced that the loud-mouthed drinker in her living room is an android stand-in for her real dad. She knows her real father must be an amazing person who will totally understand her artistic soul. So she sets out to find him with nothing more than a mysterious note and a prayer. Harley does end up getting the answers she’s looking for–they just aren’t the answers she wanted. Grittier than sand in your shorts, Harley like a Person is a in-your-face-girl-read, with a realistic ending that doesn’t sugarcoat the fact that Life isn’t always nice–or fair.

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