Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Just Listen Annabel Greene’s life looks perfect. She has loving parents, a gorgeous house, and two beautiful older sisters who work with her in a local modeling agency. Her best friend Sophie, rules the school as Queen Bee Extreme, and Annabel goes along for the ride to all the best parties with all the coolest people. But looks can be deceiving. Annabel hates modeling and wants to quit, but doesn’t want to upset her depression-prone mom. One of her perfect older sisters has an eating disorder. And Sophie dumped Annabel hard last year after accusing her of trying to hook up with Sophie’s boyfriend. Annabel stuffs it all down, hoping that if she doesn’t acknowledge what her perfect life has become, it will all go away. Enter indie-music outsider Owen Armstrong. Owen gives Annabel a ride home from school after a particularly nasty Sophie attack, and slowly begins to pull Annabel out of her shell with his brassy, opinionated personality. There’s only one problem. Owen is a truth-teller. And the last thing Annabel wants to tell, or hear, is the truth. Slow, thoughtful, and thought-provoking like all of Sarah Dessen’s marvelous chick lit, Just Listen is a quiet story of a girl in crisis who learns that life is about taking charge even when it seems like you have lost all control.

6 thoughts on “Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

  1. i LOVE THIS BOOK. just thought you should know. It is pretty powerful and hilariously romantic. Its harsh, but funny banter manages to make it light. I strongly recommend it!

  2. i just got the book today! im so excited to read it πŸ™‚ but all my teachers leave me a buncha homework πŸ™ so its gonna be a while for me to read it (tear) ;(

  3. yay! i finally finished the book about 5 days ago! it was really good, i really enjoyed it, i loved it (just like all the rest of her books!) i love this author! she rocks! right now im reading her first novel, that summer! so far its really good! πŸ™‚

  4. It’s so awesome to find an author you really like, and then just gorge on all their books. I’m glad you found your author, Mitzi. I highly recommend all of Dessen’s books, she’s really great.

  5. this book was truely amazing! sarah dessen includes characters that arent always “the super popular one” or the best looking or the best with guys. She takes characters that are in situations that happen in real life! They loose friends, the find new ones, major things happen! She amazes me with every book and come out with characters with the not so perfect life and writes about it! i really love her books and i can’t wait to read more!

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