Last Dance on Holladay Street by Elisa Carbone

Last Dance on Holladay StreetIn the unforgiving frontier landscape of late 1870’s Colorado, 13 year old Eva suddenly finds herself with no folks and no money when both of her African American foster parents pass away. But not quite with no place to go. Seems that Eva’s adopted mama kept the name and address of Eva’s birth mama and upon her deathbed, gave that information to Eva. Now Eva is traveling all alone to Denver, to discover the identity of the woman who lives on Holladay Street. And the fact that she lives in a high class brothel is not nearly as upsetting to Eva as the secret that is revealed the first time she sees her biological mother’s face! Fascinating and utterly original, Last Dance will give you some idea of the lack of choices women had when this country was new, and the sacrifices that were made to insure the freedom of the daughters of this generation. An amazing story by an equally amazing storyteller, who writes some of the hippest hist. fic. around!

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