Love, Sara by Mary Beth Lundgren

Love, SaraSara knows what it’s like to be an outsider. After all, she’s been in foster care most of her life and has just recently become part of a family that she loves and hopes will adopt her. It helps that her best friend Dulcie is also adopted and knows what it feels like. The two of them share everything, including their low-key status at school. But all that changes when the star of the football team suddenly notices Dulcie’s quiet beauty. Soon Dulcie’s caught up in a hot romance, leaving her best friend in the dust and Sara finds herself alone–again. But when Dulcie gets pregnant and she and her boyfriend are turned out by their parents, Sara is the only person that Dulcie can turn to. But can Sara convince Dulcie that the final solution she and her boyfriend have planned to escape their problems isn’t tragically romantic or terribly beautiful, but just plain selfish suicide? Told in many different formats, including emails, Sara’s journals and stories, and news articles, this book is a fast-paced weepie with a devastating ending that will leave you with your mouth hanging open and tears in your eyes. (3 weepies)

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