Out of Order by A.M. Jenkins

Out of OrderColt Trammel is masquerading as a dumb jock. He plays a mean game of baseball, which is what most of school career is riding on, since his grades are nothing to write home about. However, Colt’s first-person narrative reveals a sharp wit underneath his coarse exterior, and a painful self-knowledge of how stupid he appears to others. But the whole school scene is nothing compared to dealing with the women in his life. There’s his gorgeous girlfriend Grace who refuses to give him any real play; green-haired Corinne who is the first person to ever stand up to his wisecracks and see beneath his carefully constructed surface; and finally quiet Dory, with a rep. as the school slut, who would give him what Grace won’t, even though Colt knows he shouldn’t take it. Not much happens plot-wise in this book, but it is one of the best character-driven novels I have ever read, and gives great insight into the mind of a guy. Teenaged males, do you agree? Leave a comment if you think Jenkins has nailed the male high school persona.

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