Quiver: Green Arrow by Kevin Smith, illustrated by Phil Hester

Quiver: Green ArrowKevin Smith, of Clerks and Silent Bob fame, has cooked up a fantastic plot about a slain old school superhero that comes back to life, his troubled son, the kindly man who saved the superhero but who is hiding a secret agenda, and all the members of the JLA, who, despite all their fantastic abilities, are having a hard time believing that said superhero has actually come back from the dead (especially when the superhero, a mouthy and arrogant Green Arrow, insists that he never left the plane of the living. How’s THAT for messed up?) Throw in a poetry-spouting demon and some serious Satan worship, and you’ve got a whiz-bang of a graphic novel that was the only GN to make the Best Books for Young Adults list for 2003.

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