Shadow People by Joyce McDonald

Shadow People They all have a reason to be angry. Gabriel lost his beloved brother when a gang of kids murdered him for his leather jacket on the subway. Lydia’s father never lets her do a single solitary thing without his consent–and that means dates, friends, trips, ANYTHING. Alec bitterly blames everyone in authority at his former high school for turning him into a dropout drug addict. Hollis is short, fat and brilliant, not to mention pissed at all the people who discount his intelligence based on his appearance. And he knows a way to channel all of their rage into a single act that will not only make an explosive statement, but get back at all those people who hurt them once and for all. Gabe, Lydia, and Alec are resolved to follow Hollis’s plan to the end. But then innocent Gem accidentally gets involved in the group when she and Gabe fall for each other. Suddenly, Gabe is having a change of heart. But Hollis won’t let anyone leave the group until their plan is complete. And he will use any means necessary to protect the plan…even murder.

One thought on “Shadow People by Joyce McDonald

  1. To tell you the truth, after I read this book in high school, I never wanted to read for fun again. EVER.

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