Strays like Us by Richard Peck

straysMolly’s mom has cut her loose again because her heroin habit is stronger than her maternal feelings. So Molly is cooling her heels with Great Aunt Fay, a practical nurse who lives in a very small town. Molly thinks the secret of her mom’s drug binges is the worst possible skeleton she could have in her closet. But she finds out that she’s not the only one with something to hide and that her secret is considered small fry when it comes to small town gossip. It turns out that the richest old lady in town is keeping the biggest secret of all–a secret that could change Molly’s life–for better or for worse–forever. If you like Strays, take a trip to your local pound (or public library) and bring home a couple of other really good Peck puppies–Princess Ashley and Unfinished Portrait of Jessica

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