The Sterkarm Handshake by Susan Price

The Sterkarm Handshake Grad student Andrea Mitchell is screwed. She signed on to be part of a revolutionary time travel project where scientists have opened a portal into the 16th century. She had planned to live with and study the Sterkram clan of tribesman (think something similar to Mel Gibson and his crew in Braveheart) and write a book about their way of life that would change anthropology studies forever. But instead, she has been caught in a political power-play between the loyal but also murderous Sterkarms and the greedy corporate suits who are funding the study. The suits want her to teach them how to take advantage of the Sterkarms so that the natural resources of their unspoiled land can be taken, and the Sterkrams just want Andrea to stay on their side of the portal, marry one of their young men and forget all about things like running water and central heating. While Andrea tries to decide what to do, her Sterkarm boyfriend Per is badly hurt on a raid, and she convinces the suits to take him into the 21st century where he will receive better medical treatment. While there, Per discovers the suit’s evil plan and then…well…just imagine what happens when crafty 16th century barbarians clash with technologically advanced corporate moguls. The result isn’t pretty, people, but is it ever edge-of-your- seat exciting! A truly amazing sci-fi, historical adventure that could make a science fiction fan out of even hard core, realistic fiction reader me.

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