What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones

Have you ever felt like you just might EXPLODE from lust? Sophie does—and you can read all about it in her secret verse diary. Each poem reveals Sophie’s feelings about all the men in her life—sexy Dylan (who’s not terribly bright) chat-room Chaz (who may be faking her out) and finally, nerdy Murphy (who just might be her knight in shining armor). Girls, give this one to your guy friends if they want to know how the female mind REALLY works. A tremendously real (and really well-written) read.

7 thoughts on “What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones

  1. Don’t forget about the new sequel to What My Mother Doesn’t know, titled What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know

    AKA Robins story.

  2. i ♥ this book and yea still njot finshed but
    well i mean this is alsome and thanx
    sonya sones for all da books!

  3. This book is one of the best books ive ever read!!!! i cant wait to read the next one!!! im going to drag my mother on her heels to the book store to get it if i have to!!! lol I LOVE IT!!!

  4. Sonya Sones has a special way of writing – in poems. The whole book is written in these one, two, or three page poems, so it’s a pretty quick read. After you read this book, you’re going to head straight to your library/bookstore and pick up every other single book she’s ever written. This book is amazing, and so is the sequel (What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know). I HIGHLY recommend it. You have to read it.

  5. Hi Shannon,

    Thanks for adding your two cents:) I STILL have to read WHAT MY GIRLFRIEND DOESN’T KNOW, so thanks for reminding me!

  6. This is a great book. I usually say it’s about first love, that can be stinky, second love, which is a rebound love, and third love, which just might be a really sweet love.
    The author lists her e-mail on her books and she responds to e-mails.

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