Guyaholic by Carolyn Mackler

V is an addict. But not to any of the usual things: food, drugs, alcohol. No, V’s not an alcoholic—she’s a guyaholic. Every time V is reminded of the fact that her mom Aimee dumped V on her grandparents so she could chase yet another romantic interest across the country, V ends up seeking her own hottie to drown her sorrows in. Until she is hit in the head with a hockey puck and comes to in the arms of gentle Sam, the first boy who wants to be more to her than just another make-out partner. But V’s addiction is strong, and she ends up breaking Sam’s heart just when she needs him the most. V decides the only way to purge her feelings of anger and loss towards her mother is to find Aimee and force her to spend time with only daughter. But on her way to her mom, V ends up taking an entirely different journey where she discovers the secret to curing her addiction and the way back into Sam’s arms. This short, sassy companion novel to Mackler’s Vegan Virgin Valentine manages to be caustically funny, while imparting the very important message that you can only run from your feelings for so long before you must deal! V is a train wreck for sure, but a very funny one, and will leave many readers nodding in recognition over her self-destructive but completely understandable behavior.

3 thoughts on “Guyaholic by Carolyn Mackler

  1. Really good, but I did like Vegan Virgin Valentine better. Its the book before this one about V’s aunt (kinda). V is a lot funnier in that one. Just opinion.

  2. i love the book, it is one of my faves. its a beautiful story about love, friendship, family…and picking yourself up after you have been knocked down. i love the character of V, even though she dosen’t always make the best choices. she does alot of growing up in this book, and to some people, it may be a silly slutty story, and i hope im not being overly dramatic, but this book changed me a little. i recommend this book to ANYONE who likes a good love story–or just a good story in general 🙂

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