Dramarama by E. Lockhart

dramaramaOh, E. Lockhart, could I love you more? I thought my love was complete after reading The Boyfriend List and Fly on the Wall. But, incredibly, my love for both of those books has been surpassed by my passion for the delicious Dramarama, which does for theater camp what Craig Thompson’s Blankets did for Jesus camp! (no not that one) Sayde (which sounds so much more “gawky-sexy” than plain old “Sarah”) and her best boy friend Demi (who has been in “straight drag” for far too long) travel to the Wildewood Summer Theater Institute in order to escape Ohio and finally be their true, fabulous selves. But the chance to unlease their amazing inner Lizas doesn’t go quite as Sayde expected. Instead of growing even closer, the BFF’s begin to drift apart. Demi discovers the strong, gay black man he was meant to be, and learns to toe the line when it comes to the rules of rehearsals, while Sayde is constantly pushing boundaries, and coming to the realization that she may be a better director than actor. Can Sayde learn to tamp down her “lurking bigness,” or is it about to explode all over the place and get her thrown out of not only drama camp, but also Demi’s heart? My teenage friends, you don’t have to be a Sandy or a Shark to appreciate both the drama and the real soul-searching that’s going on between these two friends. But if you are not of the musical theater ilk and want to hear the tunes Sayde’s obsessed with, visit E. Lockhart’s website www.theboyfriendlist.com and click on “Sadye’s iMix” in the right hand column for the songs that inspired the characters.

6 thoughts on “Dramarama by E. Lockhart

  1. I’m so glad you put DRAMARAMA on your list! I hope it gets much more recognition in the coming months. Definitely one of my 2007 favorites, too.

  2. i read this book over the summer, and i feel like it really put you in the camp that they went to, like you could have been one of the characters. I found myself wishing that i went to that camp.

  3. i absoulutley adored this book. The events were so really, and i loved the relationships all in it, between sayde and demi.

  4. This book was FABULOUS! I love theater, which is the main theme in this book, and if you like musicals and theater you will enjoy this book much more. I suggest this book more for girls than guys, but either gender is fine. It’s hilarious – E. Lockhart is a genius comedian – and I had a blast reading it. You will love it.

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