Jinx by Meg Cabot

Ever since the hospital she was born in was hit by lightning, PK (preacher’s kid) Jean Honeychurch has been plagued with bad luck, so much so that her friends and family have dubbed her Jinx. When her run of ill fortune results in her high school boyfriend turning stalker, Jean’s parents decide that a change of venue might be just the thing to turn her luck around. So Jean journeys from rural Iowa to the Upper East Side of Manhattan to stay with relatives and start over in a new private school. Feeling very much the country bumpkin, Jean is more than a little worried about fitting in with her sophisticated city slicker cousin, Tory. But hottie-next-door Zach, who shows her around school and introduces her to the delicious world of NYC take-out, soon allays her fears. Unfortunately, this doesn’t sit well with Tory, who has a crush in Zach herself. Will Jean’s bad luck draw Tory’s ire and cause her to lose Zach’s friendship? Or does this seemingly bumbling preacher’s daughter, who spills and trips through life, actually have a trick or two up her sleeve? This Charmed-meets-7th Heaven story, while not quite as sexy as its cover might imply, is nevertheless a sweetly entertaining read that makes a perfect posting for Friday the 13th! Full of Cabot’s bubbling good humor and go-down-easy prose, Jinx should join Meg’s other light and frothy reads (How to be Popular, Avalon High) on the beach towel this summer.

3 thoughts on “Jinx by Meg Cabot

  1. this book sounds interesting i would love to read it! right now i am reading the
    1-800-WHERE-R-U series and so far it is good so i plan on reading safe housse because the lightning girl and code name cassandra were good

  2. people have recommended this book to me & ive even looked it up on her website & currently im on her princess diaries series they r good!!

  3. I’ve read this book. It makes for good light reading, the mix of the supernatural with the humor that is always present in Cabot’s books makes it a good read despite the predictability of the plot. I wouldn’t mind rereading it.

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