Gravity: Big-City Super Hero by Sean McKeever & Mike Norton

College freshman Greg Willis has a dream he can fly. He’s just moved from the Midwest to New York to attend NYU and become the next great American spandex-ed superhero, like his idol Spider-Man. Ever since “the Accident,” Greg has been able to manipulate the gravitational pull of the earth and use it as his own. As superhero “Gravity,” he hopes to join the elite fighting ranks of other famous masked NYC crime fighters. But it’s tough juggling homework, classes and a girlfriend all day while fighting crime all night, and Greg’s grades are starting to slip. Plus, he’s learning it’s not all fun and games saving lives. He’s had his butt kicked a few times by super-villain Black Death, and even when he does take down someone as infamous as The Rhino, he gets hardly any love from the press! What’s up with these New York reporters? They’d never do that Spidey! Now he’s looking to get Black Death back by planning an ambush with his new best friend The Greenwich Guardian. Only the Guardian is not what he seems, and Greg’s dream is quickly turning into a nightmare. Does he have what it takes to continue fighting crime down the mean streets of Manhattan? McKeever, author of graphic novel series Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane and Sentinel, gets the warring feelings of bravado and insecurity embodied in his naive new character just right, and teens will sympathize with Greg’s difficulty in balancing his crowded college life with his new calling. Give Gravity a spin, I promise it won’t get you “down!”

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