Twenty Chickens for a Saddle by Robyn Scott

twenty chickens The Power of One meets Cheaper by the Dozen in this hilarious, heart-breaking memoir by Robyn Scott. When Robyn was seven, her New Zealand hippie parents moved her and her brother and sister to live in rural Botswana, where her father took a job as a bush doctor. He flew a small engine plane three days a week to different far-flung clinics where he would see more than 100 patients a day, and treat everything from pnemonia (real) to witch doctor’s curses (fake) and soon, the terrifying symptoms of AIDS. Robyn’s mother was into holistic food, medicine and home schooling, and her wacky lessons were like nothing you’ve ever seen in OR outside a classroom. Robyn and her sibs grew up swimming with crocodiles, taming house snakes, and riding bareback on half-broken horses. But they all managed to make it to adulthood with their limbs intact. This well-written and rollicking memoir may be just the ticket next time you’re feeling a little bored with your suburban existence. I guarantee you’ll get at least ten giggles and ten lumps in your throat from reading Twenty Chickens!

One thought on “Twenty Chickens for a Saddle by Robyn Scott

  1. Robyn,
    I finished reading Twenty Chickens for a Saddle today and loved it. I was in S. Africa this year and thought it was soooooo beautiful. Zimbabwe and Chobe Game Reserve were among my favorite places. It was such a contrast crossing the border from Zimbabwe over to Botswana, but loved both places especially the people.
    Please write another book soon.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Coble
    Noth Carolina

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