Mad Kestrel by Misty Massey

kestrelIn a world where evil magicians called Danisoba steal away small children who display any hint of mystical talent, orphan pirate girl Kestrel works hard to hide her ability to whistle up the wind. But she may be forced to show her hand when her beloved Captain Binns is arrested by the Royal Navy and sentenced to hang for his dastardly deeds. Kestrel is frantic to save him. But if she allows her talent to show, any sailor worth his salt will sell her out to the nearest Danisoba for top dollar. So instead she relies on more earthly means to orchestrate the save of the century. Hampered by a mutinous crew, a disappearing ship, and a double-dealing jack o’ napes named Philip McAvery, (who may or may not be on her side but is far too good looking to be trusted either way) Kestrel has to decide if she’s willing to risk life and liberty to save the man who has been like a father to her. Shiver me timbers! This thrilling paperback original reminded me of my all-time favorite series, Bloody Jack(except with magic). So if you’re a fan of the nefarious Jack Sparrow, or just partial to spell-casting buccaneers and swashbuckling acts of derring-do, sail out the door to your nearest bookshop and drop some gold doubloons for this high seas fantasy adventure penned by newbie author Misty Massey.

2 thoughts on “Mad Kestrel by Misty Massey

  1. Oh, this sounds so good! I’m a Jacky Faber fan, too, and like pirate-y and/or sailor books a lot. I’ll have to request that my library buy a copy.

  2. Hello from the original Gen Xpert herself! I started reviewing books as the genxpert in the 90’s! so glad to see your format here. Great minds think alike, or at least, similarly.

    I love all things pirate, even tried to get on a ship once for work. Got a book recommendation for ya if you are not that into the fantasy thing, but want something interesting : Rowan of the Wood. Authors Christine and Ethan Rose. I love the caravan they are traveling around in now to promote the book. It has the main character emblazoned on the side. Check it out at if you haven’t already. I really wish I could join the tour.

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