Would You by Marthe Jocelyn

would you

“Would you rather have your father sing at the supermarket or your mother fart in the principal’s office?”

“Would you rather lose all your hair or all your teeth?”

“Would you rather know what’s going to happen or not know?”

Natalie and her friends play the “Would you…” game all the time, with the highest marks going to the grossest or grimmest options. In fact, it’s just after they’ve been sitting around shooting the “would you” bull on a perfect summer night when Natalie gets the call that changes everything. Natalie’s older sister Claire has been hit by a car. She’s in a coma and it doesn’t look good. Now all Natalie can do is wait. Her life has slowed down to moments that pass like eons while she waits for Claire to either wake up, or…the alternative is impossible to imagine. “Would you rather die or have everyone else die?” Who is Natalie without Claire? Not only doesn’t Natalie know the answer to that terrible question, she’s sure she doesn’t want to find out. Marthe Jocelyn paints an incredibly intimate portrait of a family responding to a crisis. Grieving turns out to be heartbreaking and sometimes even heartbreakingly funny. The dialogue between Natalie and her posse is so crisp and real it feels like Jocelyn has somehow been party to the conversations that flew around your own rec. room on a slow Saturday night. If you only read one book before you go back to school this fall, I would rather it be this one. (2 weepies)

10 thoughts on “Would You by Marthe Jocelyn

  1. I read this book it was excellent! It was funny and sad and part romance all the way through you should definetly read it.

  2. i just got this book from the public library & icant wait to start it, but its gonna be a while cause my teacher assigned a reading asssignment and we have to read this book called “a walk acroos america” by peter jenkins (its ok) but i would way rather pleasure read than read that book.
    so cant wait to read it! (heard it was good & especially by your review, im all hyped!) 🙂

  3. i loved the book. even though to me the ending was kinda predictable. still i kept going till the last page. i was expecting a stronger ending. but i still loved it.

  4. i love this book i would reccomend it to anyone. when i first read it i started crying cause i was thinking if that happened to my older sis!!!!!

    Would you!!!

  5. i already read this book. Is kind of strange because … i can not stop focus about the story. I wish i can find the book more early

  6. I saw this book featured in Seventeen magazine. It sounded very good, but I never got around to reading it. Maybe now I will! 🙂

  7. So does Claire end up someing out of this coma
    cuz uh i never finished the book n stuff and i have a report due on it wednesday O__O

  8. i would like to see more about how Natalie looks ! 🙂 but other then that i loved this book soo much 🙂

  9. I didn’t like the end and I wish the book didn’t involve the game “Would You”. It just ruined it all… She should of just changed the title and not added the game they all play. Like honestly.. It didn’t even seem like Natalie was sad at all. That’s just my opinion.

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