Getting the Girl by Susan Juby

getting the girlHeight challenged freshman Sherman Mack loves the ladies. Really loves them.  “Sometimes I think I might die of girls. Like one will get too close and I’ll just be over.” He blames this benevolent love of all female kind on his young mom, a burlesque dancer who he worries “may be trying to make me gay…my mother is into glitter. This is very damaging for a developing male.” Still, “living with my mother and her dancing and dressing up…has been an education in the ways of womankind.” Because of his “concern for the welfare of all ladies,” the brutal practice of ostracizing certain girls at his high school just because a mysterious “Defiler” posts their picture on all the bathroom mirrors bothers him more than it might the average teenage boy. So when his crush object Dini Trioli looks like she may be in danger of becoming Defiled, Sherman creates Mack Daddy Investigations, his own detective operation, planning to expose the Defiler once and for all. But between trying to spy on suspect lacrosse players and conduct interviews with the smokin’ hot “Trophy Wives,” (the most popular girls at school) Sherman also finds himself falling in love—and not with Dini. Instead, someone much closer is slowly stealing his heart. Can Sherman stay objective long enough to solve the case of the Dastardly Defiler? Or will his predilection for lovely ladies end up blinding his private eye? Susan Juby’s hilarious story of high school hierarchy and the one super nerd who’s determined to stand up for what’s right even if he has to topple Trophy Wives to do it is equal parts Say Anything and The Pink Panther. Sherman’s dialogues with his fellow dorks ring funny and true, as do his exchanges with his quirky mom, who is just a little too frank: “I won’t be here for dinner…We’re practicing some new routines. Adrienne just bought a pole. Lots of fun.” Don’t miss one of the sweetest little sleepers of 2008!

10 thoughts on “Getting the Girl by Susan Juby

  1. I am so glad to hear you liked this one! I LOVED with a capital L Another Kind of Cowboy last year and this sounds as if it has all the same strong points. Haven’t seen this one yet but I’m going to add it to my to-read list. I also love this review 😉

  2. i cant wait for this one to come out! its been on my to-read list since i found out about this author (which was thanks to you jen…i read another kind of cowboy, because your review got me into it!) im counting down the days until i can run to the bookstore & buy it! 🙂

  3. I thought this book review was really fantastic, i am young but I love reading ! I am sooooo ready for this book to hit the store so i can read it , it sounds very interesting and i love reading high school romances because it catches my attention.

  4. suan juby can to my school and read some of getting the girl me and my friends laughed so hard the teachers made us leave the class room to cool down. the part were he says “man i’d give my left nad for a game boy right now made me laugh like no tommorow. loved it and wants to have it!!!!!!!:)

  5. Since this was under the ‘Boy meets book’ section
    I’m just wondering…
    Is this a girl book, too?

  6. Totally! But I think girls will find it no matter what, which is why I wanted to highlight it for the guys.

  7. OMG. I can’t believe after reading your reviews about Susan Juby’s books, I got addicted! I really love the themes pressed in her stories- highschool romance. It’s the genre I love the most so I’m really thankful I’ve stumbled upon your site~

  8. I thought this book was okay. The humour was not as good as it was crackd up to be. I also thought it was extremly fake and dry. Choose it for a novel study…wish I hadn’t.

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