King of the Screwups by K.L.Going

There’s only one thing high school senior Liam Geller is good at—screwing up. No matter what he does or says, he just can’t seem to please his uber-strict dad, a controlling CEO who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Unfortunately, metrosexual Liam is his former runway model mother’s son—popular, gorgeous and impulsive, all qualities that his father despises. So when Liam finally screws up one time too many (getting caught drunk on his dad’s desk with a nearly naked girl), he is sent to stay with his gay, glam-rocking, trailer-park-living “Aunt” Pete in upstate New York. Aunt Pete is about as thrilled about the situation as Liam is, and the two strike an uneasy truce: Liam will ignore Aunt Pete’s large collection of animal-print and neon colored spandex pants if Aunt Pete will carve out a corner of the trailer as a make-shift closet for Liam’s select number of carefully chosen designer duds. In an effort to embrace trailer living and get back into his dad’s good graces, Liam resolves to squash all the aspects of his personality that his dad hates and become the biggest nerd the world has ever seen. There’s just one problem—his impeccably good taste and inherently good looks keep getting in the way. Even as a dork, Liam is a complete and utter failure. Will Aunt Pete ever be able to convince Liam that what his dad views as weaknesses are actually strengths? Or will Liam continue to hide his light under the bushel of his dad’s sky-high expectations and unrealistic demands? Liam struggles to see what the reader and Aunt Pete understand right away–he is massively talented, but what he and his father view as “talent” are two totally different things. Not just another “my parents are ruining my life” re-tread, this very funny fish-out-of-water tale is also about discovering what you’re good at and staying true to your personal vision, no matter how outrageous it may seem to others.

5 thoughts on “King of the Screwups by K.L.Going

  1. Hi Tanita,

    Thanks for stopping by. I picked up an ARC of Mare’s War at the ALA conference. Looks good!

  2. I have read all of KL Going’s books, my fav is Fat Kid Rules the World but your review is awesome–I want to meet this Liam who tries to hide his light under the bushel of his dad’s sky-high expectations and unrealistic demands!!! It might be another one I run out and pre-order. Thanks for the great review.

  3. K.L. Going is one of my favorite authors, and I will be elbowing people out of my way at my favorite indie bookstore to be the first to get my hands on this book.

  4. I am reading it for a project in L.A. its all right, I am not done yet but its a good book.

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