Reality Check by Peter Abrahams

reality check
Seventeen-year-old football quarterback Cody Laredo never considered himself a good student. He maintained grades just high enough to keep his butt off the bench, hoping that a college football scholarship would be his ticket to the NFL. But now that he’s blown out his knee, lost his gorgeous upper-crust girlfriend Clea to boarding school and missed so many classes that he has no idea what is going on, he’s decided to drop out. Which is why he’s free to skip town and head east when he hears on the local news that Clea’s gone missing. When her beloved horse Bud comes back rider-less, the local authorities assume Clea was thrown in the woods and a search party is quickly assembled. Cody quietly joins their ranks, initially concealing his identity from the townies. But when Clea isn’t found in a few days, the search is called off and Cody begins to conduct his own investigation, based on little more than commonsense and intuition. As he begins to collect clues about Clea’s disappearance, Cody struggles with who to suspect and who to trust. Among the possible perpetrators are: Ike, the crabby old stable hand at Clea’s fancy school who seems to know more than he’s letting on; Sergeant Orton, the local fuzz who appears to be playing Cody just as much as Cody is playing him; and finally Townes, the rich boy who stole Clea’s heart—and maybe more. One of these men know what happened to his best girl. And it’s up to Cody to find out who before it’s too late. Reality Check is a solid, satisfying mystery with an earnest, blue-collar teen sleuth at it’s center. I love how Cody, who readily admits he’s not the biggest intellectual in the world, operates from the heart and realistically struggles with putting the pieces of the puzzle together, instead of snapping his fingers and solving it all in one fell swoop. This is the first book I’ve read by mystery author Peter Abrahams, but you can bet it won’t be the last!

7 thoughts on “Reality Check by Peter Abrahams

  1. Heya,
    I read this book and i must admit it is a pretty good book!
    i love how Peter Abrahams makes the mystery more complicated
    making it not easy for the reader to figure it out. I also
    love the suspense can’t wait to read more.

    yours truly,

  2. I just bought thsi book out of wonderment and it is really good. I hope to see more!!

  3. i just got done reading this book and it was really good! im not much of a reader but i have to admit this one kept me wanting to read more and more.

  4. This is officially one of my all time favorite books.!
    I really want to read more by Abrahams now.
    Anyone. All ages would enjoy this.
    It so suspenceful and thrawling.
    I forsure will reccommend it.

  5. Sadly, this book was awful. The ending was way too abrupt and the characters where left undeveloped. The plot wasn’t even captivating, therefore I was left unsatifsfyed and bored the entire time.

  6. Reality Check by Peter Abrahams

    This book was amazing.

    From the in depth opening letting us connect with Cody and his relation to Clea, which allowed us to really get the emotions going when she goes missing, to the surprise plot twist ending, to the character development and relation building, this book has it all. I read the ending late at night, and the suspense building up kept me from being able to go to bed! Only one gripe though, it seems the climax and resolution happen in the span of the last two chapters, which for someone like me who constantly wants new information, it kinda got me bored. Other than that though, great book! 8/10

    (Would be 10/10 if the ending was prolonged and if there were less cussing, like seriously there was an F-Bomb like every two or so pages near the ending; the word started to lose it’s meaning.)

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