Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve

fever crumb
Bald, orphaned Apprentice Engineer Fever Crumb (whose alternative cover pic makes her look like a cross between Rumur Willis and Natalie Portman) is nothing if not ruthlessly, relentlessly rational. After all, that’s how she was raised, as the only female member of the scientific Order of Engineers in a post apocalyptic London. She knows that sentiments always get in the way of problem solving and it’s best to get rid of the troublesome things altogether if possible. That’s why she’s disturbed when on a routine mission to help a minor archaeologist who’s made a major find, she begins feeling shadowy emotions and seeing memories that she knows for certain are not her own. Could they be tied to the hidden tunnel and secret vault found by the easygoing archeologist Kit Solent? Why did he pick her out of all the Engineers to help him crack the vault? And why has the ancient information he needs suddenly popped into her fourteen-year-old head? What Fever discovers in that underground cavern is a secret about her background that will not only rock her own little bald brain, but bring the entire city of London to it’s knees—or rather, tracks. Because this little gem of a dystopian novel is actually the prequel to Philip Reeve’s beyond brilliant Mortal Engines quartet, about a future Europe where giant cities move about on huge traction wheels, fighting each other for resources and dominance in a way of life known as Municipal Darwinism. If you’ve not heard of the series, then by all means, start here! (Even though author Frank Cotrell Boyce disagrees) But if you’ve read all four books and are simply starving for more cut throat politics, edge of your seat action and juicy mysteries, then you’ll want to get your hands on this smokin’ hot tome asap. Reeve is at the top of his game here, poking gentle fun at current fantasy, “…celebrants in robes and pointed hats whirling and clapping and chanting the name of some old-world prophet, ‘Hari, Hari! Hari Potter!’” while also revealing the origin of one of his most beloved characters in a scene that made me gasp aloud. If your thirst for post-apocalyptic prose is anything like mine, this is one Fever you won’t mind catching.

4 thoughts on “Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve

  1. This book was so freakin’ wonderful. Everything about it was fabulous. And I didn’t mind that alternate cover – on my arc she looked very pensive and intense. On the hardback they’ve zoomed in and while I like the fact that you can see her mismatched eyes, she seems to have more of a come hither look. I don’t know how this could be since it is the same exact picture, but I swear the look became sultry. And the red coat she is wearing is such a great shot of color. So long thing short, i prefer the arc cover over either of the others. And I loved the book so much i had to go back and re-read the entire series.

  2. Sign me up for this one. I plan to actually start with the series (which has been on my reading list for ages), but reading your review, I’ll be sure to pick this one up when I’m done with those. Your reviews always make me excited for books.

  3. I love the cover you show because it fit’s in with the rest of the series. I’ve read Mortal Engines and have this one but am having a hard time tracking down the rest of the series!

    Will be moving this one up on my TBR list!

  4. Brain Lair, it’s a good one! I’m sure we’ll see this one on a lot of best of the year lists.

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