Pink by Lili Wilkinson

“I never wore pink. Pink wasn’t cool. Pink wasn’t existential. Pink was for princesses and ballet shoes and glittery fairies.” Serious, all-black-wearing Ava has a secret. She longs to be one of those “Girly girls who wore flavored lip gloss and read magazines and talked on the phone…girls who like boys.” Because Ava likes girls. Or, at least, one girl: Chloe, she of the dark vintage clothes and sophisticated literature taste. But now Ava is wondering if maybe she just didn’t give the color pink or boys enough of chance. So she’s transferring to a posh private school in order to try on a different identity, one that her way-left-of-center parents and cynical Chloe definitely wouldn’t approve of. At her new school, she tries fitting in with the Pastels: smart, Brooks Brothers-styled preppies with perfect hair and grades who are all performing in the high school musical. Unfortunately, the best voice-challenged Ava can do is make stage crew, where she meets the anti-Glee gang: the Screws. Like Chloe, they favor dark clothing but have more wider ranging interests than deconstructing Sartre or black and white French films. They’re actually really smart, funny and cool, when they’re not constantly slagging on the actors. Ava warms to the Screws more than she thought she would, but she also still wants to be a pretty Pastel. The deeper undercover she goes, the more confused she gets. Is she gay or straight? Preppy or pouty? Pastel or Screw? Is it possible to have it all and Chloe too? Or is she doomed to have to choose? This refreshing fish-out-of-water story is just what the doctor ordered to spice up the tired old chick lit genre. Ava’s classic adolescent identity crisis is made brand spanking new by the fact that she’s already living the bohemian life most high schoolers dream of, but instead longs for structure, collared shirts and a date to the senior prom. Which just goes to show that the grass is always greener on the other side of the cafeteria…and nobody illustrates that fact better than Aussie author Lili Wilkinson, who also happens to be employed in the incredibly cool profession of teen librarian when she’s not writing super snappy dialogue or creating moments of exquisite fictional teenage embarrassment. All this good, girly, gothy fun can be found at a library or bookstore near you!

5 thoughts on “Pink by Lili Wilkinson

  1. It is published in Australia, why don’t you get it mailed over? Try – they are local queer bookshop. Good luck.

  2. I feel the need to post this somewhere and unfortunately this will be posted on this book. I am rather curious as to why this website in general does not include The Hunger Games and yet includes novels as famous as Twilight? Unless I have been looking in the wrong places, (ie. Riot Grrrl!, Yearly top ten lists) I wanted to look at the list that The Hunger Games or perhaps Graceling was included on and then read on from there but I could not find either. I feel that these books will be sorely missed on this list and other lists on this websites as many people I know have enjoyed them thoroughly. That said I enjoyed looking at these collections and the authors have actually convinced me to read books I have otherwise overlooked. This is a very interesting site, I just wanted the world that looks at it to have my opinion on two amazing books that should be added to the list.
    P.s. to anyone who cares enough to read the above two novels the sequels & companions are equally amazing

  3. Hi Emily:

    You can always type a title in the search box at the left hand top of the screen to find out if I have reviewed it. Graceling is a big hole, I will need to get to that book soon!

  4. Identity is everything because this book teaches a lot about us girls. i LOVE It , I mostly got it because It says well ” Pink ” On the front this is my favorite color but otherwise because the way it shows about our individual women identity. Everyone should read this really good for teens, and adults. One moment you may: Laugh, next you will be able to cry. This book is FANTASTIC (:

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