Pinned by Sharon G. Flake

Autumn and Adonis couldn’t be more different. Autumn is a top wrestler, one of the few girls in the league. She’s always a winner on the mat, but when report cards come out, her weakness is revealed: she can’t read on grade level. “I’m a great cook and wrestler…but reading—that’s gonna take me down. I try not to think about it. Or read too often. That way I feel better about myself.” Adonis is a straight-A student, who volunteers in the library and is constantly called on to tour officials and administrators around the school. He’s always a leader when it comes to grades, but when he comes out from behind his desk, his weakness is revealed: he can’t walk. A birth defect left him without legs but not without resilience. “I know who I am. I know what I am capable of accomplishing. I do not dull my light so other people will feel better about themselves.” But despite their differences, Autumn is determined to make Adonis hers. And Adonis is equally determined to keep his wheelchair as far away from Autumn as possible. “I do not like aggressive girls.” But after Autumn is cut from the team because of her failing grades and starts volunteering in the library, Adonis sees another side of the “dumb” girl he scorned, and wonders if he was wrong about her. “Autumn does not cheat. She speaks to everyone. Besides wrestling, smiling is her favorite activity.” It’s possible that there’s hope for these polar opposites yet. Sharon Flake turns the stereotypes of the school jock and the scholarly nerd on their heads with this sensitive portrayal of two teens trying to fulfill their destinies in spite of their physical and mental deficits. Because of Flake’s uncanny ability to write the way teens really speak, you’ll be pinned by PINNED before you know it!

9 thoughts on “Pinned by Sharon G. Flake

  1. well I’m only on chapter 13 and so far i know that autumn is still struggling on her reading and Adonis is struggling with his wheelchair actions. and the part that i really like about this story is that autumn will never let anyone put her down and she want to become a wrestler and Adonis is a straight A student. the part about the pond when Peaches just left him there about to drown as he was struggling to get out and calling for help (i can tell Adonis really hates Peaches) but i cant tell you all but so far its a good book so hope you like my comment and i cant wait into i finish the book or into you read it

  2. Well I see that Autumn is still struggling but tries really hard to succeed. She wants to become an wrestler and Adonis is a straight A student. And autumn would let anyone get her down (like make her upset or mad) and that’s all i know so far.Well I hope i keep continue to read the book but so far it’s great. Check it out come read it with me!

  3. I love reading books about drama and teenage life. Being that I am 16 year old African American girl myself. I adore this book I can’t stop reading it and I love how Sharon G. Flake wrote even more.

  4. this book okay but she act like she desperate to go with him becuz i know she can see that he is not interested in i think she should just stop trying.

  5. I love this book. Who would non that Peaches and Adonis were cousins! Spoiler!!!
    But continue reading the book….it gets GOOD at the end

  6. i have read to page 108 and I do believe that Adonis will fall for her and this is a really great book.. any dtails messages me at thanks

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