Hurricane Sandy Relief/NaNoWriMo

Greetings, teen peeps!

Here in waterlogged NYC, we are pumping, dumping and trying to towel off after Hurricane Sandy. I hope all my East Coast readers are warm, dry and with power. While my family was extremely lucky in that we weathered the storm unscathed, my heart goes out to those who lost loved ones or suffered damage to their homes or property. To find out more about how you can help those who were hit hard by Sandy, check out these websites:

The American Red Cross
Hurricane Sandy: How Your Family Can Help
GenerationON: Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy: How To Help and What You Need to Know (Huffington Post)

In other not-so-big-news, Reading Rants will be taking a break during the month of November so that I can give some much needed attention to a big writing project I’ve been trying to finish since the summer. And speaking of big writing projects, did you know that November is National Novel Writing Month? Maybe you have a long form story inside that you’re just dying to get on the page. Well, here’s your chance! For more information on how to kick start your novel, visit these websites for encouragement and inspiration:

NaNoWriMo Young Writer’s Program
National Novel Writing Month
15 Tips to Keep You Motivated During NaNoWriMo
Get Started on NaNoWriMo (Lawrence Public Library)

Finally, don’t forget to check back with me in December, where I will post some reviews of hot titles to look forward to in 2013 and my 2012 Top Ten Books List. Hang tight, stay safe and happy reading & writing until then, friends.

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  1. Good luck with your writing project and I look forward to your new titles (YES!!!) and how many of your top ten 2012 I have read. The ones I have not, I will be adding them to my TBR! Have fun

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