Just One Year by Gayle Forman

World-weary traveler Willem is lost. But not in a GPS sort of way. He knows exactly where he is geographically. But ever since his father’s sudden death and his mother’s consequent withdrawal, he’s been wandering lonely as a cloud, drifting from one European destination to the next, trying to find an emotional anchor. And then for one day in Paris, he does. He meets the charming Lulu, an American girl on vacation who needs a distraction from her life as much as he needs one from his. They spend an amazing twenty four hours together. And then he wakes up in an emergency room, battered, bruised and barely able to remember the girl of his dreams. All he knows is that he wants her back, and he will do anything to find her. Except where does he start when he realizes that Lulu isn’t even her real name? Told in Willem’s brave, tender, tragic voice, this extremely satisfying sequel to the beautifully wrought Just One Day will satiate salivating fans who have been dying to find out what happened to Lulu’s mysterious Dutch crush. If you haven’t encountered Willem and Lulu before, you’ll want to read their twinned accounts back-to-back to get the full experience of their long distance love story. A Just Wonderful romantic adventure for the lucky-in-love and brokenhearted alike.

3 thoughts on “Just One Year by Gayle Forman

  1. I definitely liked Willem as the narrator much better than Adam in Forman’s Where She Went! Willem is a nice guy who keeps thinking (remembering???) back to that one day in Paris with Lulu. I liked him, his friends and his love (memories) for his father, and it is nice to see his progression toward life and love.

  2. I agree BJ. I liked Willem much more than Adam as well. They are definitely very different characters!

  3. I was hunting books that would apeal to YA boys and found this list. Somehow I do not think this is a male centered book. JS.

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